A Model Chicken

185 of 365

Today, I went outside to take pictures of the garlic bed, as Ron planted the garlic today, and I was greeted by Faure, who is one of our most curious chickens–and we have some curious chickens. She and Hector are the two of the babies I raised this summer who still like to get really close to me. And Faure still likes to jump on my shoulders–and sometimes my head. I love this. Her little claws kind of hurt my head though.

She is a Blue Copper Maran, only she’s the most beautiful Blue Copper Maran I have ever seen. I feel fortunate to have her. Today, she was really curious about my phone, so I got a lot of pictures. And, I swear, I think she liked having her picture taken because she hung around and posed for me forever. I think it’s because she’s so beautiful. Maybe she knows she’s beautiful. Her eyes are also different than other chickens we have. Aren’t they interesting?

And I often wonder this about chickens. Do they know what they look like at all? I don’t have a mirror anywhere for them, though I know some people do this. Still, I have noticed our chickens will hang out more with chickens that look like them, but how do they know?

Anyway, these are her pictures. And do you see what I see on her fluffy butt? How perfect is she?

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