“Poetry is thoughts that breathe and words that burn.”

~Thomas Gray

Family Recipes by Sarah Kilch Gaffney
Housebreaking by Amy Bowers

Coyote by James Sands

A Deliberate Life by James Sands

Fall Poems Abound by Loree Griffin Burns

Another Dead Chicken by Ed Higgins

Wool House by John Van Pelt

Winter Solstice by Pete Mackey

Knowing by James Sands

Mud Pies by Catherine Marenghi

Wood Box by James Sands

Cinnamon by James Sands

Winter Signs by Ed Higgins

The Reminder by Sarah Fraser

Ratatouille by Jesse Curran

The Sixth Great Mass by James Sands

A Messy Garden in a New Backyard by Christina Lundberg

Clemency for Butterball, a Chicken by Katharyn Privett-Duren

Government Cheese by Aiden Lee

Crows Gathered at Sundown by Matthew Johnson