New Friends

Day 186 of 365

I just had to share a beautiful moment from this morning. We have been getting up very early in the mornings thanks to Bairre. Ron and I will sometimes take turns getting a little extra sleep, and the other one will do morning chores with all of the animals; mostly, however, we get up together.

The mornings have been wonderful. The weather is fairly warm, which is a worry but nice in the moment, and the sun has been shining. Our trees are mostly bare but still beautiful, and the crows have been talking and visiting. Also, Boudica and Bairre have become friends, at least to a great extent. Boudica gets frustrated with him, but she’s very patient. Bairre is a stinker, but he’s charming. He’s winning over Boudica too. I wonder if he’s cute to her too. I suspect he might be. I wish there was some way to know.

This morning, Ron told me to look out onto the deck. “Isn’t that awesome?” he asked. I went over to look, and sure enough, it was awesome.

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