Volume II of the beautiful Farmer-ish print annual is now available for pre-order.

The Farmer-ish print annual is a full-color book/journal featuring nearly 50 works, including essays, how-to’s, recipes, poems, and farming stories. With works from award-winning authors and authors who are publishing for the first time, Volume II of our annual has over 150 pages of ad-free content.

Organized by the seasons and celebrating our connections with animals and the land, our print annual focuses on homesteading education, as well as essays and poetry that will make you think deeply about our connections to our planet and each other. Learn how to plant according to nature’s signs; make spoon butter for your wooden spoons; and find a pattern for a beautiful crochet throw.

This full-color book is, once again, ad free, and your support helps keep our online journal free to the public. The annual is a soft-cover book with color interior. Cost: $35 + free shipping

Pre-order your copy of Volume II, which ships late September.

Pics from Volume II

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Pics from Volume I