We’re putting all of our eggs in this basket here at Farmer-ish, but we need your help. We’re looking for creative and engaging content on farming, homesteading, raising animals, cooking, making, and raising a family. We want how-to pieces, informational and instructional essays, personal narrative essays, poetry, and more. We can pay just a little, but we do pay!

General essays and how-to essays should be approximately 1,000 words. Personal narrative essays should be between 1,000 and 2,000 words. Photographs for recipes and how-to essays should be included when submitting. Poetry can be of any length, though we prefer short to medium.

Be sure to single space after periods.

All work must be owned by you. We aim for original work, but if you have published your work on a personal blog, you can re-purpose it for us.

Farmer-ish Topics

*The following list is not comprehensive but should give you an idea of what we cover.

Farm Animals (all of them)

Livestock Guardian Dogs



Sustainable Living



Maker Insights and Projects


Simple Living

Canning and Preserving

Food and Health

Farmer-ish Genres

Expository Essays


Personal Essays

Creative Nonfiction

Instructional or How-To Essays



Book Reviews

Be sure to review our About page to get an idea of what we’re about before submitting.

Please send submissions in the body of an email message to Please put your proposed title in the subject line of the e-mail and tell us a little about yourself and your publication experience, if any. Please know previous publication is not required.

Pitches are also accepted. Summarize your pitch and provide a brief outline for what you would like to write.

We will reply within two to three weeks.

Deadlines are as follows:

For Summer Solstice Issue

June 14 for pitches

June 18 for completed submissions

For Fall Equinox Issue

August 25 for pitches

September 5 for completed submissions

For Winter Solstice Issue

Check out our detailed call for submissions for Winter 2020 here.

November 30 for pitches

December 5 for completed submissions

*Please note that Farmerish is published online quarterly in the Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. In your pitches and submissions, please indicate which issue you feel would be the best fit for your work. If your topic is not tied to a season, you do not need to note this.