Puppy Love

Day 184 of 365

Our little Great Pyrenees, Bairre, is doing well. Yesterday was a big day in that he has started to learn to go to the door to tell us when he has to go potty. Oh goodness, the little things are such big things when they are little, aren’t they?

Also, as I have gotten to know him over the last almost two weeks, I find myself loving him more and more. When we first got him, I was worried I would never love him like I loved Gus or love Boudica. Maybe he was different, I thought. Maybe I was holding myself back.

But I can’t hold back. He’s wonderful. He’s sweet hearted, very stubborn, of course, a brave big boy sometimes, a mama’s baby or daddy’s baby sometimes. Our son helps only a little, yet Bairre thinks he’s just wonderful. Bairre is just loving like that.

Today, Bairre was having a bad dream, and he was whimpering a lot–and loudly. I cam running to him, woke him up, gave him big snuggles. And I realized it didn’t take long. I love him so much. Puppies are magic. Well, I guess dogs in general are magic, aren’t they?

This is a picture I took of him today. He was so tired from playing with Boudica that he just had to lay down while he ate his dinner because, sometimes, you’re just so tired.

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