In the Moment

Day 5 of 21

Since I have cut back on my work, I have had time to help more in the garden this year, and it has been wonderful to me. The garden is good for my soul. When I am out there with the sun over my head and the earth in my hands, I feel restored. I think I love the work so much because it feels so meaningful to me.

Today, I fertilized the raspberries and older blueberry bushes and watered the rows of carrots and kale Ron and I planted last week. I learned the hard way that carrots need a decent amount of water to sprout and get going. I also fixed one of my homemade hanging baskets and spent a little time making sure Ruby had eaten something. She never drank, but I assume she knows what she’s doing.

I got the rest of the chickens fresh water and then just sat with them for the longest time. It’s been awhile since I have done this for so long, and it was magnificent. The sky was so blue, and though the wind is bad for the garden, it’s great for keeping the black flies away. And everything is in bloom and so beautiful. My Maple trees, the pear tree flowers, the blueberry blossoms.

The chickens are beautiful too. We have some gorgeous birds, like Rooster and Faure, and little Bianca is such a treat to watch. I decided to call all of their names, at least the ones who were near me, to see who knew their names. None of the younger chickens know their names, but all of the older ones do. I suppose it takes a bit for them to learn their names around here.

My heart smiled so big thinking about Rooster still being here and looking pretty good for an old guy. He’s gorgeous in the sunlight. The black feathers shimmer green. His long tail feathers whip in the wind.

As I watched the chickens doing all of their different things in the warmth of the beautiful afternoon–digging, eating (Arwen landed a giant worm was being chased by Saint Saens and Hector), sunbathing, drinking from the fresh water because fresh is always exciting–I thought, “This must be heaven.”

I asked the chickens if they knew this was heaven. They didn’t answer, but I think they know.

2 thoughts on “In the Moment

  1. A beautiful blog!
    So much beauty , plants that are growing, chickens to admire and weather that’s enjoyable…. hooray for spring in ME!

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