The pear trees made it!

Day 4 of 21

This morning, while I was doing morning chores, I was so happy when Ron called to me to tell me the pear trees looked fine. I was a bit worried because it was so cold last night. I have seen it snow on the greens and our garden in early May, but I have never seen it get that cold so late in the spring when the pear trees were in full bloom. Thankfully, they made it.

I have no words for how much I love those pear tress. I wish to have more than two trees, but I’ll definitely not bring that up to Ron right now. In the last two weeks, in between many cello performances for our kiddo, Ron managed to plant peach trees, blueberries (We got 9 new bushes!), and grapes. We also have a deal that if he will build one more raised bed, I’ll fill it Hugelkultur style and plant more strawberries. I always plant our strawberries, and even though I worry, they seem to thrive. I am excited to get more. You know how I feel about strawberries.

I told Ron, when we are old and have to sell our homestead, I mean, assuming no kiddo wants it, I want to interview who buys our house. I need to make sure they understand this place has magic. Sadly, I don’t think our children will want to live a homesteading lifestyle, but I could be wrong. Maybe they will change their minds. People do. When I was younger, I thought I wanted to live in a big city. And I still love the culture and arts you can get a in a big city, but I am a farm girl in my heart because it allows me to live close to animals–and I have always loved animals so deeply. I love this life and could never go back to a city to live–only visit.

Anyway, Ruby is on Day 4 of her little journey. This afternoon, I had to drag her out of her crate to get her to drink a little and walk around some. I am sure she doesn’t need me mothering her when she’s trying to be a mama, but I have seen hens get into some poor health if they don’t take little breaks while being broody. Mostly, they just take little breaks on their own. Most of our hens take a break every day on their own. But Ruby won’t get up. She does everything big, doesn’t she? So I got her up and checked on the eggs quickly. Thankfully, she walked around a little and played around in the pine needles. It has to be good for her to get out and scratch around.

The eggs seem great. None are broken, and Ruby was back on them within half an hour. I’ll get to candle on Day 7 or 8.

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