Morning Chores: May 5, 2023

Day 362 of 365

Today, I have pictures to share from our morning chores. It takes us about an hour to get everything done most mornings, but it does take a little extra now due to the Anna Maria situation. She’s still sleeping in the house at night, and we still don’t know what to do about the situation.

This morning was a perfect Maine morning, just perfect. It was warmer than it has been with beautiful sunshine and a little cool and crisp underneath. Maine can be so perfect sometimes. Today, it was perfect in every single way. And I have wonderful photos from our morning chores this morning. You can see that Ron’s garden is already doing so well. The cooler spring has been very helpful to organic garden, and you can see a picture of Rooster. That boy is still going. And Mary Jane. She is the meat bird who is nearly 6 years old. Can you believe that? There’s a photo of the rhubarb, strawberries, the pear tree budding, and, of course, Bairre and Boudica. Oh, and there’s a great picture of Ruby being broody in her crate, only she lets Juliet in to lay an egg, and then Ruby hops on the egg. I took the egg from Ruby and told her we really couldn’t have babies this year. I tried to reminder that being a mom is very, very, very hard work. She didn’t listen.

I hope these make you smile.

2 thoughts on “Morning Chores: May 5, 2023

  1. The farm and friends all look happy and healthy… kodos to you and Ron!! You are surrounded by natures beauty.
    Spring is such a rebirth after winter. I just love seeing the plants in my garden poking their heads through the dirt to start their years growth.
    Koren’s asparagus is coming up and there is lots of it! This will be their first year picking it. I LOVE asparagus!
    She also just bought 6 baby chicks and 4 turkeys. 😱 The farm is alive and well!
    This morning I am headed to the Portland Farmers Market at Deering Oaks Park…. lots to admire in a beautiful sunshiny setting. 🌞
    Enjoy this beautiful weekend Crystal!!


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