The Face of an Egg Thief

Day 363 of 365

I haven’t updated about Bairre in a long time, and I have to tell you he is a GIANT! He’s still puppy lanky, but he’s bizarrely tall for a Great Pyrenees. Pyrenees fill in between the ages of 2 and 3. When Bairre does that, he’s going to weigh 130 pounds. I can’t believe how giant he is.

Thankfully, minus his penchant for digging, he’s a fantastic boy with a big heart. Such a big heart. When he wakes us up in the morning, he wakes us up with kisses. Boudica gets up in the bed and bonks me in the face with her paw. It’s not pleasant. Bairre gives me kisses on my arm or face. You just feel his love for you. It’s kind of amazing.

But Bairre is also an egg thief. I think he’s mostly trying to help or be a part of what we are doing, but he accidentally breaks the eggs. As soon as the ducks come out of the duck house in the morning, Bairre jumps in to take the eggs. This is Ron’s fault. Ron still spoils his boy, and he taught Bairre to help him collect the eggs. Ron just laughed as Bairre took off with his first egg.

Now, it’s Bairre’s thing. I have to run around and get to the eggs before Bairre does every morning now. This morning, he beat me to one. I’m like, “Ron, Bairre’s getting the eggs again!” Ron’s just like “oh, he is?” Yes, Bairre is Ron’s baby.

Bairre is so sweet and charming that Bairre is kind of everyone’s baby. Even Boudica likes him a little bit now. He gives her kisses too. One time, Boudica and I made eye contact while Bairre was giving her kisses, and she grumped at him, like she didn’t want me to see that she maybe liked getting Bairre kisses.

Bairre has even won over our teenage son. It does my heart so much good to see that grumpy kiddo giving that sweet dog hugs and kissing him on the nose. What in this world is better than that?

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