Ruby is broody.

Day 361 of 365

I thought it might be the case yesterday, but today I am sure. Ruby has gone broody.

She was such a great mom this year, but we are at capacity with our flock. We have several chickens that I thought would pass over the winter because they are so old and fragile, but everyone made it through just fine. Mary Jane. Rooster. Vanilla, Emily, and Charlotte are all quite old. I thought we might surely lose a few of them over the long winter, but everyone made it. It’s been a couple of very good years in terms of not losing any chickens. Of course, I am crossing my fingers as I finish this sentence.

But it also means we can’t really bring in any new chickens this summer. It’s hard to not have babies around though. We have every year for the last six years, but I have learned a lot about chicken care and now have three generations of hens bred for health and intelligence (and broodiness by accident). I really should write a whole blog post about what I have learned about breeding chickens.

Anyway, I wonder if we might try hatch maybe a couple chicks. Ruby did such a good job with her babies. Such a good job. Ron is against it though–wisely. Either way, I am really thankful I document Ruby’s journey in this blog.

Talk about coming full circle, right?

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