A Farmer-ish Giveaway: My Favorite Chicken Tote

Day 303 of 365

To celebrate making it to day 300, I wanted to do a giveaway, and when I saw that my favorite store, Tiller & Rye, had its fantastic chicken totes back in stock, everything else for giveaways was put on the back burner. I love this tote!

I mean, I wish I had written this text. It seems to give hens proper respect, so it’s just perfect to me! This new version has extra sturdy handles and a zipper!

And this lovely tote can be yours. Here’s what I ask:

Leave a comment: If you leave a comment on this post, you will be entered into the drawing.

Follow the blog: If you sign up to follow the blog (all you need is your email), you will be entered. Just leave me a comment that you are a follower.

Help Crystal out by inviting a friend or sharing this post: If you know someone who might like Farmer-ish, can you share the site with them. If you tell me you shared it with someone, I will totally trust you, and you will be entered five times into the drawing! I have recently noticed that our followers are going up a tiny bit every day, and this makes me so darn hopeful!

The deadline to enter is March 14, 2023 because I love Pi Day!

Thank you to all of you who read and who have been on this journey with me! Just thank you!

7 thoughts on “A Farmer-ish Giveaway: My Favorite Chicken Tote

    1. Jennifer, you won! If you are on Facebook, you can send a message with your mailing address there! Congratulations! Oh, and if you are not on Facebook, let me know! Yay! I hope you love this bag!


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