Elvis has left the building…

Day 304 of 365

Ron is loved by our animals so much, in some ways, more than I am loved. I’m okay with this, of course. I think it’s magnificent. Ron is pretty terrible with people but animals love him. Love.

That has to be the number one reason I love him. Stray dogs will find him. One time, when we were visiting my family in Texas, he rescued two dogs. We were only there four days! Bairre and Boudica think he hung the moon. They love him the most, and I am the consolation prize. Even Betty, our kitty, as much as she loves me, seems to favor Ron a bit more. I feel it’s hard to say with our kitty, Bella. She’s hard to read.

Tonight, our son has orchestra rehearsal, so Ron dropped him off in town and then came home to work on a project. He’s building a nice space for starting seedlings indoors, Anyway, Ron just left, and while he was getting on his boots, both dogs were right in his face the whole time.

When Ron went out the door, I said goodbye and then looked around at the animals: Bairre had his nose pressed against the door like he was just broken hearted. Boudica had her head down, and even Betty was sitting on the ledge by the door, looking sad that her favorite human had left.

“Elvis has left the building, folks,” I said. “Elvis has left the building.”

One thought on “Elvis has left the building…

  1. I love this….. pet loyalty. ♥️
    It is interesting how animals can get most of their needs met by one human but show real favoritism towards another. This happens in my home as well. Pascal loves us both but cannot take his eyes off my husband. I play ball, walk him, brush him, bathe him…. we both feed him…. but the best part of Pascal’s day is when he’s needed to help my husband bring in the wood for the woodstove…such joy and excitement on that little dogs face.
    Priceless! 😂


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