Return of the Light

Day 291 of 365

One of the most fascinating things about homesteading is the way your body and life start to line up so well with the natural cycles of the planet. Before I started homesteading, I didn’t feel that connected to the seasons, well, except for fall. Fall is–and has always been–the most wonderful time of the year to me. But winter in the north was miserable to me because I was stuck in the house all of the time. I love a cozy house, but part of Hygge is going outside first. To me at least, happiness in the winter is a process.

Once we started homesteading, I felt every change in the season and all of the days in the middle with so much more connectedness. That’s the only way I know how to describe it. I love watching how the chickens and ducks and wild animals in our area respond to the changes in the light and the temperatures. They are all so resilient and so connected. I guess we are too, of course, but maybe we just forgot.

This time of year, I am in awe of how quickly the light is coming back. Being from the south, where we did not have the big swings in light between summers and winters, I was shocked at how dark it got here in Maine in the winter and then how light it was in the summer. Before I knew how to enjoy the other seasons, the winters used to take a such a toll on me. Now, I don’t mind them too much and enjoy the winter in many ways, but I am always still so thankful when the light comes back.

The chickens are really starting to lay eggs now because of the light, and it’s wonderful. I have been able to add a couple of customers off of the wait list to my weekly deliveries. It’s awesome to see people be happy about our hens’ eggs.

But I also see the ducks and chickens are starting to get a little friskier. I even saw Rooster mating a couple of times this week. He’s a very old boy. His mind is mainly on mac and cheese these days, but spring is coming. It’s sugaring season, and all of my friends who tap are starting to tap their trees. We do not yet because I am nervous about the cooking, but I know our Maples are waking up. The squirrels are acting a little differently. The wild birds are too. It’s like they know the warmer temperatures are coming pretty soon.

And the light is coming back.

One thought on “Return of the Light

  1. Amen to all of that….. I want more light and some warmer days. 😬
    The winter stews and roasts have been comforting but I’d like some spring greens and asparagus please. It’s coming ..,….we just need to be patient. 🥴


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