Day 290 of 365

For the last two days, Ron has been building shelves for me to help add storage to our kitchen. We have a tiny kitchen, which is tough when you make everything from scratch. Sometimes, the small space can be stressful to me. Over time, we have been trying to gradually improve the kitchen and make practical and lovely changes that help make the space more effective and cozy.

One of the best perks of this addition is that I will be able to keep my cookbooks in the kitchen. It is tough to not have quick and easy access to my cookbooks, which are treasures to me. I have such a love of cookbooks. I would have a whole library full of them if I could. Not only are cookbooks practical for home cooking, they are also little bits of history. They preserve a history of food in a time and place, and that is fascinating to me.

This is my collection. I am so proud of it. I am also so proud that some of the authors of these books are my friends, and I love their work. I wish I could write one, but I don’t think I have good focus in my cooking. Anyway, I love these books. I love the shelves Ron built. Tomorrow, after the stain dries, I get to display these beautiful books. I’m excited about it and so grateful.

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