Mama’s Boy

Day 292 of 365

Tonight, we went to a lovely classical music concert. I cry the good cry when I hear the cello in a concert, pretty much every time, so I had a good time. However, I came home to a bad time.

Bairre has only been alone about ten times in his life. He’s a big boy and can do it now, but he doesn’t like it. Several times, when we come home, I find that he has chewed up some of my stuff. Tonight, it was my wool shoes I wear around the house in the winter. I love these shoes. They are dead now. Bairre really tore into one of them. I cried the sad cry.

I also cried, “Why is it always my stuff?” Because it is always my stuff.

Then, Ron said, “It’s because your stuff smells like you, and he’s anxious when we leave.”

This made so much sense to me. Bairre is absolutely, 100 percent a daddy’s boy, but when he’s scared or worried, he always turns into a mama’s boy and comes to snuggle me. It stands to reason that my stuff would be what he gets when he’s so worried about being alone. He just hates being alone because of course he does. He’s a baby.

The other day, I was gone for several hours with lessons and errands, and Ron had been working outside all day away from where Bairre can go. Bairre could see Ron but not have real contact. Bairre needs a lot of contact. When I came home, I was talking to Ron, and Bairre barked at me to come see him. Bairre never barks, unless he’s not getting his way, so I went into the house and called him in to see me. That giant puppy came in and sat on top of my feet while I worked.

I was still sad about my shoes, but I felt less sad. I mean, he has destroyed a lot of my stuff of late, but I can replace them, thankfully. And, while I look for more shoes online, I am going to remember that, when I’m gone, Bairre really misses his mama.

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