A First Egg

Day 202 of 365

I am busy with work tonight, but I have to write a quick post to share some fantastic news! One of our summer babies, either Hector or Faure, has laid her first egg. Hector is a Black Copper Maran, and Faure is a Blue Copper Maran. Both lay dark brown eggs, so I am going to have to hang out in the coop as much as possible over the next few days to to see who is laying.

But, for now, I am just over the mood that the first of our summer babies has started to lay. I was beginning to wonder how slow they were going to be. I was just telling a friend today that was feeling impatient. It’s a treat to see what colors new layers will lay. Here it is though, a first egg. I can’t tell you how beautiful it is to me.

Now, if we could just talk the Salmon Faverolles into laying. They are older and still have not laid an egg. Ron and I were discussing them tonight. It’s like they are a little gang and do what they want and will lay eggs when they get good and ready. They are supposed to laying creamy colored eggs.

Hopefully, soon, we will have dark brown eggs and light cream eggs to add to our colors. My mission next year is to add a dark blue lying hen. I love eggs. They are functional and magical and beautiful to me. Isn’t this dark brown one so lovely?

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