A Baby Bird

Day 203 of 365

I had meant to write about crows tonight, but there is so much to say about crows, crows and chickens, crows and hawks, crows and myths that I am going to have to spend more time working on a post. But while I was looking for this really cool video I have of crows, I scrolled through pictures. I have years and years of pictures on my computer, mostly of animals. I do wonder about myself that I have more pictures of chickens than my children, but maybe that’s another topic for another night.

I wanted to share the story behind this picture. This is a baby bird that had some kind of incident a couple of years ago when it was trying to fly for the first time, I assume. All I know for sure is that it was on the ground, the ducks were surrounding it, screaming at it, and were very upset that it had landed in their area. I had to get it out of the duck area, and I couldn’t see a nest nearby. I didn’t know what to do, but I am in a Maine birds group on Facebook and asked for advice. Everyone told me to contact Avian Haven.

I have to tell you that Avian Haven is fantastic. It is a network of volunteers who work together to drive all over the state and pick up birds in need of professional help. I drove a little ways to meet a lady at a grocery store, and she was driving this little one to another city, where it would be picked up for the last leg before it made it to the Avian Haven center. Humans are wonderful. Humans are terrible. But humans are wonderful.

Anyway, on my way to deliver this baby, I was listening to the local classical music station on the radio, and a piece with some winds came on. When the notes got really high, I suddenly had to turn down the radio. That baby bird was sitting there in the front seat of my car singing with the radio. I guess it liked classical music too.

It was magnificent; that baby bird sang so beautifully. So I turned up the music, and that baby sang the whole way to the grocery store. I fell madly in love with that little bird.

I wish I could tell you what happened to it, but when I called Avian Haven to check on it, they just said that it was being examined and that they just didn’t have the ability to keep people posted on the statuses of all of the animals they see. I hope that baby was okay. I am sure it must have been. It just took a wrong turn into the duck area, and ducks do not like strangers.

I have another and better story about birds singing to me that I will try to share soon. I have a video. Somewhere.

PS If you know what kind of baby bird this is, I would love to know. People in the Facebook group told me what they thought, but there was some disagreement. Also, doesn’t that baby bird look just like it’s worn out from my stupid human-ness? Like, “what is she doing now?”

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