House Building

Day 201 of 365

I will be brief with my writing tonight, as I have somehow convinced my outwardly cynical teenage son to build a Lego gingerbread house with me. I have been asking him to do this for about a week. He used to love Legos, but he outgrew them. I still love Legos. But, tonight, he said that it sounded pretty fun, but he had one condition: While we are building the house, we have to play the HomeDepot theme song in the background. I told him I would play it once. He said we had a deal!

But I had to quickly share this beautiful little dust bath house Ron build for the chickens. It’s hard in the winter to make sure they have a good place to dust bathe, as we do not have a covered run. So Ron built a fancy little covered area and went and bought new dirt, so they would have something to dig into. They love it. I love it. It’s so great to have a husband who can build things. I realize I am pretty spoiled by this.

I got some great pictures of the chickens checking it out, and look at that beautiful rooster, Dvorak in the front, and that’s Faure in the front with him. And that’s Beatrice sneaking up on the right. Do you remember the miracle egg from this summer? That’s Beatrice! She’s so lovely and very sweet.

Anyway, I am off to find the Home Depot theme song on YouTube…

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