This is my tree friend…

Day 150 of 365

I am feeling low with some negative energy today, so I find myself unable to write much. I have to be so careful about which humans I spend time with and how much time I spend overall. I’m so weird, I suppose.

Ron and I were talking yesterday while we were waiting in the car for the first of two music rehearsals for our son. We were talking about our dreams of “retirement” of sorts when our son is grown. I mean, I’m going to have to teach until I die, but maybe I could teach less. Anyway, it turns out we both have similar dreams–a tiny house with a little barn, chickens, ducks, dogs, and a place for rescuing animals who might need it. We will only venture out once a month to buy supplies and then for any classical music concerts we can go to or a tea with a friend. Other than that, it will be just us and the animals and the trees.

Some events the last couple of days have reminded me of how much more I connect with trees and animals than with other humans. Every now and then, I meet a human who has a vibe I adore, but mostly, human interactions leave me feeling so drained. I am such an empath. I wish to be less so.

But I have a tree who is a friend. I will try to write one day how I came to understand that a tree could be a friend because I never thought I was a “tree hugger”–until I hugged my tree.

For now, I’ll just share this picture. She’s a Maple tree. She was split and badly damaged in a terrible storm in the spring of 2020, but she made it. Look at her leaves. Isn’t she magnificent?

4 thoughts on “This is my tree friend…

  1. I recently started hugging the three giant hemlocks that are the center of our little farm. The chicken coop and rabbit hutches nestle at their feet. I can’t even say “our hemlocks” because honestly I don’t feel like I own them. They are cities, homes to dozens of birds and creatures, and their influence spreads far underground and all around.

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    1. Oh, this makes my heart happy to read! I am so glad you hug trees too. It’s a wonderful experience. And I love your beautifully written comment about how you don’t “own” them. It’s true. It’s true. We have two eastern pines who seem to stand guard over our home on our property, and my husband and I both talk about feeling their presence. They are so full of life. We have hummingbirds who nest in ours every single year, among other birds, and I treasure both those trees and those birds. They are what is good in the world to me.

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  2. You and Ron are great Stewards of the Earth. Take care of yourself today.
    “Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts.”
    __Rachael Carson


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