A Rooster with No Name

Day 149 of 365

It’s Thursday, so my post will be short. I just have this picture to share of Juliet’s babies, whom she ditched when they were just four weeks old. They have done so well on their own, and I am so impressed with their intelligence and temperment. The little hen has a name. Ron named her Arwen after his first love in The Lord of the Rings. He doesn’t tell me she was his first love, but I know it. Ron read the trilogy three times when he was a kid.

This little hen is a cutie pie, and she has just enough Easter Egger in her that she has a little bit of the fluffy cheeks–but not the normal amount. It’s just enough that, when you look at her straight on, you can see that it’s like she permanently has a baby bird face. It’s adorable!

The most adorable to me, however, is this little rooster. We have been blessed/cursed with too many good roosters this year. I cannot believe the good roosters. Normally, our roosters are little terrors. But we still have Dvorak and Rostropovich, though we certainly cannot keep both of them. Then, this little guy came along and looks so much like his daddy, our rooster named Rooster that I almost can’t believe my eyes. He’s very good so far too.

My thinking is this: Because Dvorak and Rostropovich are so well behaved and are pure bred roosters, I may be able to find a good home for them, but it would be ideal if they could go together. But I almost started crying writing that sentence, so I don’t know. Then there’s this little guy, perfectly magnificent so far and with no name because I have been telling myself all summer we can’t keep him. Still, he’s a mutt, a barnyard mix. No one is going to want him. If I can find a good home for my other boys, maybe this little guy can stay.

And maybe we need to name him. Something from The Lord of the Rings, right? Who did I love in The Lord of the Rings? Hmm. It would have to be Faramir.

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