Day 151 of 365

I make candles. This is a humble brag. I realize it’s only a brag to people who want to make candles. I also realize that this is probably a fairly small percentage of the population. Still, I am bragging on myself for this because I wanted to make candles for years. When I finally had a good idea for a candle that a) I could create with my limited skills and b) seemed both beautiful and useful to me (beautiful and useful go hand in hand to me), I was so excited that I could make it.

I have a very creative soul with limited skills. When I can find an outlet for my creativity, I feel very fortunate–and proud of myself for learning something new that makes me happy.

Today was a candle-making day. I have had quite a few orders in the Etsy shop in the last couple of weeks, and we sold out of the handmade beeswax candles–and then some. So, today, while I talked to my wonderful aunt on the phone, I made candles.While we talked, she asked me questions about how I made the candles, and this was just the best to me. I loved that she was interested in the story of how I made them. I love to hear stories, but if I have a good story, I also love to tell it.

So it was a great afternoon of making candles and telling the story. The conversation made me realize why I find these candles so beautiful. First, they are useful. As I mentioned, if something is really useful to me, I will find it so beautiful. Good food. Good tools. Pencils. A Le Creuset pan.

I made these candles with pure organic beeswax with just a little organic coconut oil, so they burn clean and burn forever. I have one that I am still going on, and I have hit over 36 hours with that candle–and there’s still some left. I think it will last like 50 hours, but I have to keep testing to know for sure. We use these to make the house feel cozier, but we also use these when the power goes out. And, here in rural Maine, that happens quite a bit, especially in winter storms. So, I treasure their practicality.

I also love that they are made with old jars that I fell in love with for their size and shape. I am a lover of jars. There is actually a Mason jar Facebook group. I didn’t join. I didn’t want to feed my tendency to save any and all jars I come into contact with. I stare a long time at that pickle jar. There must be something I could do with that thing, but so far, I have resisted the urge to keep it. The shelves in our basement can only hold so many mason jars before Ron is going to want to divorce me. I am always so happy when I find a good use for a jar. It moves jars off of the shelves.

I am also thankful to these little candles. They are one of the best sellers in our Etsy shop, and that shop funds the journal. The support is so helpful.

If you would like to know how to make one of these candles, I wrote up some directions here. I think these will make others happy too. And, if you don’t have the time to make one, you can get one from our shop. I’m convinced I accidentally put happiness in them because I love them so much. I have had customers write notes to me about how much they love the candles. How cool is that?

And I make candles. How cool is that? Now, if I could just learn how to carve a wooden spoon…

6 thoughts on “Candles

  1. Crystal, I love that you make candles! Do you have bees for the beeswax? They are so needed for our winter nights.

    I’m not into jars….. although I do collect pitchers of all kinds, my local Goodwill helps feed this habit. I grow dahlias and I love giving pitchers of them to friends and family. They are at their most brilliant now when the nights are cool. Although the frost is coming and they will be gone… a sad day for me. I did want to say that I too adore wooden spoons. Last month my husband and I visited my daughter and son in law in CO. I have 2 daughters…. the other is the Farmer-ish one. The one in CO is a Therapist. Soooo I found a Maine made cherry wood spoon curved for a lefty ( which my daughter is)! She loves to cook…. very organic…. and loved the wooden spoon. So there is your story for the day….. AND a connection you and I have… wooden spoons. 😆


    1. Oh, that’s awesome you are a wooden spoon person too! They are among the best gifts in the world to me–wooden spoons, apples, sturdy candles, quilts. And, sadly, we do not have bees for beeswax. I have to buy it from other farms. We would love to have bees, but worry too much about how difficult they are. I have some friends who are beekeepers who tell me it is not for people who are super busy otherwise. I definitely listen.

      And that’s awesome you are pitcher collector and use Goodwill to get them for gifts of your flowers. This is the best! I make pies and use Goodwill to get pie plates, so people can just keep the plate if they like.


      1. Oh pie making is a great skill to have! Pie…. fruit pies….. are my favorite dessert. Goodwill rocks because they also take things I no longer use.


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