Day 98 of 365

Ron is stressed about the garden. Every year, he stresses about the corn. Every single year. So far, except for the year the squirrels ate almost all of the corn, the corn always comes, and we have plenty. Hopefully, this year will be the same.

He’s also stressed about the tomatoes, but they are coming. A few of the big tomatoes are ready, but mainly, the Sungolds are here, and they must be one of the most delicious foods I have ever eaten. “Like candy,” our farm share customers said to me today. It’s true. They are just like candy.

Sungolds from the garden are also quite different than the copycats I have had from the grocery store. I actually used to think I didn’t like tomatoes–until I tasted a tomato fresh from the garden. I could not believe the difference in taste.

Sungolds were actually the first food I ever tasted from our garden many years ago. I guess they are maybe what got me hooked on fresh food from the garden. How in the world can you go back to eating tomatoes from the grocery store when you can have them fresh from the garden.

We eat seasonally and locally, but it’s not like I actually set out to be a seasonal eater. I just discovered, after tasting fresh Sungolds, that I would rather wait all year until the Sungolds are ready than eat a bland tomato from the grocery store.

I am so thankful for the Sungolds.

2 thoughts on “Sungold

  1. If you have a dehydrator, cut those sungolds in half and dehydrate them. Then you can freeze them and use them on salads or in soups all winter like a garnish. I do this with all types of tomatoes, but sungolds, grape tomatoes, and campari work the best.


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