The Great Blueberry Cleaning of 2022

Day 97 of 365

It’s been a busy day, and I am still behind on everything. I thought I would just quickly share about our blueberry saga.

Because our blueberries didn’t do well this year because of the drought and our favorite place for picking blueberries also didn’t do very well for the same reason, we bought two 10 pound boxes of wild blueberries. Oh my gosh! I love wild blueberries, but the stems. Oh, the stems!

So far, all three members of our family spent one whole day and part of another, and we still have a few pounds to go. It is so much work cleaning these berries, and some of them are so tiny you can barely hold them, much less remove the stem.

Thankfully, we made it through about 15 of the 20 pounds so far. And I was able to make a batch of blueberry jam from the wild berries, and it’s pretty delicious.

Still, there are carrots to slice and freeze, tomatoes to harvest, and the garlic is overdue. We didn’t not need an epic blueberry chore.

I’ll bet we’ll be thankful this winter though, right?

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