Tired Body

Day 55 of 365

Today, my body is tired. I picked strawberries in the sun, and somehow that made me so tired. I took my kiddo for a walk, and he’s 6’3″ and walks so quickly. He takes big steps. I think that made me tired too.

But the best thing I did today that made my body so tired was switch out the dog crates for Ruby and Kate. Kate, with her one baby, was in the new, fancy, extra, extra large crate. Ruby, with her seven giant babies, was in the regular extra large crate. Today, while everyone was out running around, I cleaned out both crates and swapped the spots.

These are three of Ruby’s babies. The loved the new house and didn’t come out all day, even as the others played in the yard. I think they were making sure their claim was known.

Ruby and her babies were immediately pleased with the digs. Truly, when I sat that larger crate down for Ruby, she went to the door and started making happy noises. Her babies were so happy too. They ran in and explored their new space.

Kate, however, was less than pleased. This was still an extra large dog crate, and there is a ton of space for one mama and one baby. Still, this crate is smaller and older than the one she was in. She went up to the crate, looked in, looked dismayed, and then backed away slowly.

Later, in the evening, she was still refusing to go in. She sat herself VERY purposely in front of the crate, as if to make a point. I talked to her and told her that her house was fine. She was skeptical.

There was nothing to do but leave her be and hope that, when it started to get really dark, she would go in. Thankfully, she did.

I am so thankful for the successful switch, but I am worn from the cleaning and scrubbing of the crates. Tonight, my body is extra tired.

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