Baby Chick Worry

Day 43 of 365

Overall, it’s been a good day. It’s the Solstice, which is such a big deal because we released the latest issue of the journal today. It’s a beautiful issue full of beautiful writing, really powerful writing from wonderful writers. If you haven’t had a chance to see our Summer Solstice issue, please do check it out. I think there’s something in there for everyone.

But I’ve been so busy working on the issue the last few days that I haven’t noticed that Kate’s baby chick, the miracle baby, doesn’t seem to be growing very well. Kate was acting very weird today, and that’s what got my attention. She had spilled the water and was kicking straw out of her crate. I decided it was time for an official waterer, so I got one of those, filled it up, and put it in her crate. I came back later, and she had moved all of the straw on top of the waterer.

It was also then that I noticed her baby was getting some wing feathers but also seemed very small. I Googled pictures of five-day old chicks, and Kate’s baby is way behind. I didn’t get a picture of the baby, but she is not much bigger than she was the day after she was born. I read this can be a “failure to thrive,” and I am sure it is related to her struggled incubation. Maybe instead of trying for a miracle, I should have considered potential consequence for the baby chick.

I am going to try to be hopeful though, and tomorrow, I am going to move Kate and her baby to a new area to encourage Kate to take the baby outside a little bit. Maybe the baby is just behind overall but will make it. I definitely have serious worry.

Thankfully, Ruby’s babies are doing very well. In fact, Ruby has gone from being super overprotective to being pretty worn out. Seven rambunctious babies are a lot. Tonight, when I changed their water and added food, a couple of babies came out and were running around me cheeping, and Ruby didn’t even ruffle a feather. I think she was like, “you can take one now if you like.” Poor Ruby. The jump all over her all day long. She’s very patient.

While I worry about Kate’s baby, I have been continuing my quilting work. Today, after I finished the issue of the journal, I set to work on a quilt that I had hoped to finish today, but it didn’t happen. I am too worn, but I made great progress. I couldn’t find my ruler though and ended up using my Taproot magazine as a ruler. I love that magazine. It’s my second favorite publication. I have submitted there several times but have never landed a piece. I think I am getting closer though. Of course, as I was making the quilt, I thought about how strange it is that I am an editor who knows exactly how it feels to get rejected, so I hate sending rejections. I also thought about what a wicked game writing is, but some of us just can’t help ourselves but to play it.

2 thoughts on “Baby Chick Worry

  1. Hoping Kate’s baby chick starts growing….seems like Kate knows something isn’t right.😢
    Can’t wait to dig into your summer solstice issue….it looks inviting!


    1. Pat, this was so much my worry about Kate knowing something! Thankfully, the little seems better today, as does Kate. I didn’t sleep much last night though from the worry. And I sure hope you enjoy the Solstice issue. There is a lot of diverse content! I hope you find something you enjoy!


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