Almost Summer…

Day 42 of 365

So when I made this plan to blog every day for Farmer-ish, I forgot how long my days and nights are when I am building an issue. Tomorrow is the Solstice, our official welcome to Summer, and that means tomorrow is also the day the Summer Solstice issue of Farmer-ish must go live. It’s going to be a long night, but I am close–and the issue is powerful, risky, warm, and beautiful, I think. I always worry the night before a launch. I always worry.

Still, I have a very quick story to tell. Tonight, when I went to get Ruby and her babies from their special fenced area to put them into the garage for the night, I heard, from overhead “fee-bee, fee-bee, fee-bee.”

My heart is always going to flutter when I hear that call! I miss my tiny neighbors terribly, but while I can’t see them very much any more, when I hear them, I just swoon. I will forever be in love with Eastern Phoebes.

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