A Kate Update

Day 44 of 365

I almost didn’t make it to my post today. Getting up an issue of Farmer-ish means I get behind on all other work, but I remembered that I had to at least share a quick update.

Kate’s baby seems better today. I slept very little last night worrying about that baby chick, but today was better. It is still very small, but I moved Kate’s crate and think this was a good decision. Kate was acting less stressed out and did take her baby out for the first field trip today. That’s a very good sign.

I also changed the baby’s food to one that is a higher protein to try to promote a little more growth. I think this should help, and I feel a little more positive going to bed tonight. I’m still very concerned, but I think I will sleep better tonight.

I have more stories to share about the baby chicks but will write more tomorrow. I did manage to get a good picture of the baby today. There’s a tiny bit of growth of feathers. She’s definitely behind, but the feathers are hopeful.

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