My Week in Pictures

This week was busy as always on our little micro-farm. The strawberries are winding down; I made so much strawberry jam; and I tasted kohlrabi from our garden for the first time. It is magnificent, by the way, and just so happens to be the cutest vegetable I have ever met!

Our baby chicks grew bigger and are healthy and strong. The week started with epic heat, with temperatures near 100 degrees, which is tough on Maine humans and Maine animals. Thankfully, even our older hens made it through the week, though Mary Jane, our meat bird, who just turned 4, is a little worse for wear.

The week ended with chilly temperatures, and I was tempted to wear a jacket today. The cool temps meant baking was finally possible, and I baked a humble but beautiful strawberry-rhubarb pie with some of the last of our strawberries and our endless supply of rhubarb. I have struggled with strawberry-rhubarb pie in the past, so I tried this fantastic recipe from Sarah’s Cucina Bella. And a baking day meant bread from my husband. He grinds the wheat and makes the beautiful loves that feed us regularly. I’m always excited for the fresh loaves!

A big positive on the farm this week was that our runner duck, Isabella, took a turn for the better after a bad case of bumble foot. Though we try to keep the rocks at bay, the rocky Maine earth can be hard on sweet little duck feet. We have been treating her for two weeks, and this week, she is finally keeping up with the rest of the ducks–and running so quickly that I had to dive to catch her for treatment and a foot wrap yesterday. I find I am getting a little old to be diving into the grass to catch ducks, but Isabella left me no choice. And yay for her healing!

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