Planting in the Dark

Day 356 of 365

Today was a big day, and I have been going strong since 6:00 AM. Since my health issues, I am not nearly as good at the long days as I used to be. It was a wonderful day though, lots of work, but so rewarding. I guess that’s so often the case, right?

My son performed at a community cello recital in the early afternoon. He did so well, so well. He’s kind of like a miracle to me with that cello, but maybe it’s because I know the back story. This was his very first time to play a big piece from memory–no music–in front of an audience. This made him more nervous than usual, and it started yesterday. He was nervous and teenage grumpy and there was no fixing it. I have been parenting my butt off since yesterday afternoon. Ron has too. Of course, it all worked out very well, and I was so proud of how he found his strength.

Ron also had to plant an epic amount of seedlings today because big rain is coming tomorrow and those seedlings are beyond ready to get into the soil. It’s been cooler here this spring than it has been in the last several years, so Ron has been waiting and waiting for a window. Today was the day.

When we got home, it was on. Ron would add the compost and dig the holes. I would line up the plants, and then we would just plant and plant as fast as we could. I was worried we were going to be planting until midnight, but we moved quickly. We ate dinner at 9:00 PM, but we finished the planting!

It was so much fun to be out there working with Ron too. In the last few years, I have fallen into working too much and have not been able to help plant very much in the spring. I do far too much consulting work because I can’t say no, but I am learning to say no and finding out that it’s pretty nice.

I loved getting my hands in the dirt and planting those beautiful seedlings Ron grew. Ron played classical music on his laptop, mostly cello, while we planted, which made for the best time. Eventually, it got dark, the music stopped, and we were still going. We were out there planting by flashlight, under the moon and stars, and it made me think about cultures that use the moon cycles as a guide for planting, which made me think that I need to research this topic more.

photo credit: Andy Holmes, Unsplash

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