Fire, fire…

Day 355 of 365

It has been a busy day. Ron has worked outside all day cleaning dead trees and branches, and I have cooked all day in between homeschool, working on the strawberry beds, and going for a long walk.

I just tucked Anna Maria into her basket in the bathroom, and I am marveling at how much she is getting used to me. She doesn’t run from me when I have to grab her at night, and if I hold her right, she kind of snuggles me. She also doesn’t stress a bit when I put her into her basket. She just eats her peas and settles in. It is a wonder of the world to me that just a few weeks ago, she was like a wild animal very nearly. We still don’t have a long-term plan for her since my last plan didn’t work, but we’re still thinking.

In the meantime, I have to finish my work quickly and head outside to the fire. I must commune. It is a beautiful night.

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