The best day.

Day 357 of 365

Today was the best day. Our local symphony, the Bangor Symphony Orchestra, performed Beethoven’s 9th. That finale was everything I imagined it could be and then some. My son was moved as much as I was, and we both cried ourselves tired from the joy, from the power, from change in ourselves. Isn’t it wild to be changed so much by one experience? On the drive home, my son and I talked about big stuff–God, the human experience, the human perception of God, and little stuff like that. We both agreed that we were changed for the better by hearing that music and seeing that performance.

When we got home, I found that Ron had finished planting the garden. I was sad he didn’t come with us to the concert, but God is in that garden for him. And the garden was beautiful, just beautiful. He has grown the most beautiful seedlings I have ever seen, and I hope they do well for him. He loves those plants so much. I guess that’s why he’s so good at growing things.

It was chilly and windy and raining, and when we came inside the house, I found that Ron had put a fire in the wood stove. It was so cozy and wonderful.

it was so perfect it was scary. How did I get this lucky? How did I get this life?

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