Day 353 of 365

I can’t believe I have just like 12 or 13 posts to go, and then I will have done this every day for a year. I feel like I should write something profound for the last one, but the pressure of that makes me wonder if I will be able to write it. We’ll see what I can do.

It’s also such a busy time. Ron is planting all day most days, so I have to cover all of the household chores alone. He’ll be back soon, thankfully, as he will wait a bit before doing another round or two of planting in stages throughout the month of May. We also have blueberry bushes and peach trees coming, and it was my job to figure out where to put these treasures because Ron is busy babysitting seedlings every second he’s not planting.

Somehow, taking turns and counting on a kiddo who can now be given an assignment and work alone sometimes, Ron and I also manage to homeschool our son in the middle of all of this. I have the coolest story related to this: Ron started an online biology class for eight graders with our son, and our son already knows all of content because we have lived and breathed it on this farmstead! How cool is that? Our son reads the questions out loud while he takes the quizzes, and I am amazed at how much living on a farm covers the biology text. I mean, I knew it was an educational experience, but I forget sometimes how we cover everything from environmental issues to how life is created–just living this life. And, of course, Ron and I are always using the experiences as teachable moments.

Anyway, I have to spend some time tonight researching the kind of light and soil peach trees need. I’ll report on what we figure out with my new edible landscape plans. It will be a process, but this is a big step for me and my goals for this place. Won’t it be so cool to have peaches at the end of the summer? I hope we can do well by our trees. I really, really want to have fresh peaches to eat, cook with, and share. A good peach makes people so happy. It would be so great to get to share some with my friends.

photo credit: LuAnn Hunt, Unsplash

One thought on “Peaches

  1. I wish I had a yard that would support peach trees. Ours has too many pecan trees. I love nothing better than eating a fresh peach right off the tree. There’s no comparison to the ones we buy in the stores.


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