A Research Study

Day 352 of 365

I am working late tonight, but I have to share that I found my first research study on the Eastern Phoebe. I have been looking off and on for awhile, and there are are not many journal articles out there. But I found one on parenting behavior, so I was super interested in this.

The main finding in the study is that Eastern Phoebes make fewer trips to the nest to feed the babies after Day 13 of raising their little brood, and by Day 17, the babies have left the nest. I remember watching those Phoebes working so hard to feed their babies last summer. Because I couldn’t tell the difference between the male and female, I wondered which one was which. I wondered if one was doing more work than the other. The both seemed very busy and very hard working.

But it turns out it is the female Phoebe who is doing most the work.

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