The First Duck Egg

Day 318 of 365

It was as if the ducks gave me a present this morning after all that trouble last night. Today, we got the first duck egg of the season, and I am over the moon!

I have been keeping track of when the ducks begin and end laying each season because I am very interested in how long our ducks will lay eggs. I have not encountered many people who have kept Indian Runner ducks for more than a few years, so I am anxious to see how things go with our ducks. I did hear from one person online who said he had an Indian Runner duck who was laying until she was about 8 years old. Our ducks are 5 now.

Two years ago, we got the first duck egg on March 17. Last year, it was March 21. This year, we got the 23rd. They are pretty consistent. I will be so interested in seeing how they do this year. I noticed a decline in number of eggs per day last year, but it wasn’t much of a decline.

And, of course, we will keep all of them for the rest of their lives (some make it to 12 to 15 years, I read), whether they lay eggs or not.but I also really love duck eggs. So I’m always super happy to get them!

If you have not tried ducks eggs, I highly recommend them.

4 thoughts on “The First Duck Egg

  1. Nice! Duck eggs are good. I personally prefer chicken eggs, but maybe it’s just because I’m more accustomed to them. Have you ever tried quail eggs? They’re so tiny, but worth trying. I like the way they look, too, lol.


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