Chickens like duck eggs too.

Day 319 of 365

Tonight, I am still working, so I thought I would just share a little farm update and this picture of Bairre in Ron’s lap. That dog is beautiful. He’s a fantastic brat, but he’s so beautiful. It’s adorable to me that he still makes himself fit in Ron’s lap. Bairre relishes his role as the baby of the family right now.

We got 19 eggs today, which is just great! We didn’t have a duck egg this morning, but I saw one in the yard this afternoon. Sadly, it was a soft shell egg. It worries me a little to see a soft shell egg. Of course, if you see just one, it’s not a big deal. It does just happen sometimes. But repeated soft shell eggs can be a sign of a problem. Still, I am working on not worrying so much, so I am going to let it go. Hopefully, I just won’t see any more soft shell eggs.

The chickens had a treat of it though. I took the soft shell off, so it wouldn’t feel too egg-like (some chickens can get such a taste for raw eggs that they will start eating the eggs right there in the nest boxes). I have never had this happen (I am knocking on wood), but I do try to listen to the chicken lore and avoid things that might entice a potential egg eater. However, I was not going to waste that beautiful egg yolk.

So I found a bowl and put in the egg, minus the soft shell. Three chickens came running. It was Kate, Joan, and Penelope. Somehow, they were able to eat that egg pretty much unnoticed by the rest of the flock.

And I’m telling you that chickens really like duck eggs too. I could see on their little faces they were greatly enjoying that egg. It was really cool to see.

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