A Good Day for Farmer-ish

Day 293 of 365

Today, we went to another concert, and it was fantastic. The concert was in the afternoon though, so it meant the poor chickens didn’t get to play outside this afternoon. Ruby refused to come out of the garage today. Well, I take that back. She came out for just a little this morning. Juliet was out as well, and I saw Juliet run up to Ruby who was eating and just pull out her feathers. I love Juliet to the moon and back, but she’s so mean to Ruby. Maybe she doesn’t like it that Ruby gets so much attention and special treatment. Juliet gets special treatment too, but Ruby gets extra because she seems to need it.

Bairre did not eat any of my stuff while we were gone, so that was a good thing. I also came home to find that an essay on creating a pollinator garden I shared on the Farmer-ish Facebook page had been picked up by two big outlets! This is wonderful for us.

Farmer-ish keeps growing. It is a slow growth, but it’s growing. I am trying to figure out what parts of what we do are working the best, as I am not going to be able to keep everything we do going in the coming year. As a part of my life reflection, I realize that I need some down time and need to be sure that I am able to enjoy time with my son before he’s grown. It happens too fast, doesn’t it?

But some parts of this journal are definitely working, and it gives me hope. Today was a good day for Farmer-ish. The journal got some really good attention, and I am grateful.

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