I’ll follow you anywhere…

Day 289 of 365

This afternoon, I didn’t have to let the chickens out at 3:00 for play time in the driveway. Apparently, the chickens have figured out how to open the coop door. For the last three days, right about 3:00, I see they have let themselves out. I told this to Ron, and he seemed skeptical. I told him I only had three days of evidence, but I’m definitely starting to wonder.

In the front, that’s Penelope on the right and Silver on the left. Beyond those two is either Vivaldi or Joan, and then you see Schumann in white and Juliet next to her on the right.

But they don’t let themselves out earlier, which is interesting. I am outside a lot checking on Ruby and now Kate and Juliet, so I can see when that everyone is up to. They seem to wait until about 3:00.

“Why wouldn’t they let themselves out sooner?” Ron asked, implying this seems like an unlikely phenomenon.

“I don’t know,” I said. “I guess they know they’re supposed to wait ’til 3:00.”

Ron is skeptical, but I think they have figured out how to push on the coop door, and if you do that enough, eventually, you’ll get lucky, and the latch will come up.

We’ll see, but I do know those chickens will follow me anywhere. Today, I went to check the mail, which I never want to do after the chickens are out in the driveway, as I worry they will follow me to the road. Sure enough, that’s what they did today since they let themselves outside.

Thankfully, they followed me right back to the front door.

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