Happy Lunar New Year! (and a Giveaway)

Day 258 of 365

It’s the Lunar Year or Chinese New Year, and it’s the year of the Rabbit! I was born in the year of the rabbit, and I am telling you the rabbit suits me well: I just read online that the rabbit is the luckiest of all of the signs (I feel pretty lucky) and that people born in the year of the rabbit are timid, gentle and will think before acting. That last part is me to a fault. I will think myself right into inaction almost every time. I’m definitely a thinker.

I also read that Rabbits go well with Goats, Monkeys, Dogs, and Pigs. Ron was born in the year of the Rat, which seems fitting giving our current struggle, and both of my children, born 12 years apart, were born in the year of the Ox. Apparently, this means they are stubborn (check) but also do not seek to be the center of attention. This is a check on the oldest but a giant un-check on the youngest.

In my older age, I have found the need to celebrate and be joyous at any given opportunity ands started borrowing holidays from everyone everywhere. It just makes life good, and it’s wonderful to learn about other cultures. I worry about cultural appropriation, but as long as I can get away with it, I celebrate ALL the holidays. In recent years, I try to celebrate Pagan holidays, Jewish holidays, Christian holidays, and I always celebrate Lunar New Year. I love folklore and tradition, so I’m interested in all of it. I will also celebrate any random day that looks good to me like “Pi Day” on March 14 is one of my favorites. Every single year I made a pie with a pi symbol in it. Just wait. I’ll do it again this year.

To celebrate the Lunar New Year and the year of the Rabbit, I have a wonderful giveaway to offer. This is a gorgeous, handmade rabbit ornament from Barbara Robinson Pottery, and I just saw that this ornament is sold out, so you will be getting a limited edition here.

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment (ideally with your Chinese Astrology sign) on this post (1 entry) or become a follower of my blog (5 entries). If you already follow my blog, if you invite someone for me (they don’t even have to follow; I’m just thankful for the try), you will also get 5 entries. Just leave a comment to let me know. The deadline for entries is January 31.

Oh, but you must be in the United States to win because international shipping is a lot.

Thank you all for reading this little farming/making/chicken lady adventures. I think I have enough cool stuff to do a giveaway every month until I reach my goal of 365 days in May, so stay tuned! Just 107 days to go!

And happy Lunar New Year!

7 thoughts on “Happy Lunar New Year! (and a Giveaway)

  1. Our own site (threebunnyfarm) is down at the moment while I wrestle with wordpress. But we obviously adore Year of the Rabbit, and our two rabbits (both “long-term fosters” ahem-ahem) are probably thinking they’ll get extra treats and attention. They might not be wrong. Thanks for your daily posts. They so often parallel farm stuff that’s happening with us (rats, weather, dogs, chickens…) it’s like having a third person with a different point of view in the room. It’s enriching.


  2. One of my perennial joys in homeschooling my three children, is walking up the children to a holiday day! No math, no history lessons … Let’s bake a cake, and learn about another Culture and how this special day is celebrated. A while back, we actually did a whole year of holidays as our main ‘curriculum’. It was a lovely (and exhausting!) year of celebrating and learning.


  3. I’m a Rat which is the 1st sign of the calendar ( also an Aries too). This is my 1st year paying attention to the lunar new year. Obvs knew it occurred but attended an online info session that discussed the year of the Rabbit & it’s also the year w peach blossom luck—I have to read more about that to really understand but she said it’s an energy that attracts things ( good). I love learning about other cultures. I also have eaten noodles ( for long life). Also not cooking today as you’re not supposed to cook on lunar New Year’s Day!!


  4. Year of the Rabbit! A friend and I were hiking at Petit Manan and a wild rabbit hopped across our path! My astrology sign is the goat.


  5. I was born in a year of the Horse. We only notice the Chinese years in passing, but the year of the Rabbit is one that finds meaning in our house. It is filled with rabbits both in the form of figurines, trinkets, and useful items. Last year I challenged my wife to post a photo of a different rabbit from the collection each day on social media. She got the whole way to the end of the year with rabbits to spare. We agreed that it would end with December in spite of that so I could take down the light booth I had erected and reclaim the dining room table… and then discovered that this year was the year of the rabbit and should have waited to do it.
    Love that you share what you’re doing. As lovers of Maine and small town back-yard homesteaders of a sort we love being part of your adventure. We raised a couple broods of rabbits years ago for food along with a hen we kept in the rabbit shed to keep things clean. Would have stories to tell about that. Our first Rabbit, Anise, however, was a pet we acquired soon after getting married.


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