It just keeps snowing.

Day 259 of 365

Today, it snowed and snowed and snowed and snowed. I took this picture of the chickens just about 3:00 in the afternoon, and it kept snowing all afternoon and evening. I think it’s still snowing. We shoveled snow all day long. I am very tired. Ron is very tired. Our son helped a lot, and he is also very tired.

I think most of us had a rough day from this much snow. The poor chickens were only out of the coop for maybe an hour, and the poor ducks just sat in the snow hiding under their wings. I took them warm water four times, and maybe that helped, but it was still a very boring day for a duck.

Two people who did not have a boring day and, in fact, had a fantastic day are Boudica and Bairre. Great Pyrenees love the snow. Snow is the best to them, and we had a whole bunch of it today. I must get a video of Bairre playing.

But watching Boudica is my favorite. I wish I could convey her beauty. There is no picture that can do her justice. Every winter, when the pile of snow gets really, really high, Boudica loves to climb to the top and do her guarding work at the top of the little snow hill. Poor girl. It’s the only height she can get. Great Pyrenees are from the Great Pyrenees mountains that separate France and Spain. I imagine Great Pyrenees must naturally love getting some height.

Tonight, after dinner, I looked outside to see Boudica on her little hill, watching the road, watching the woods–protecting us. In the sparkly snow in the warm light from the porch, she looked like the most magnificent thing I think I have ever seen. It’s like, when I see her, I can see all the way to the Great Pyrenees mountains.

3 thoughts on “It just keeps snowing.

  1. All this snow…. and more coming tomorrow night…. it’s not for everyone. I’m in agreement with the chickens and ducks. It’s cold, it’s hard to get around and it’s a lot of work to move it.
    But I love the visual of Boudica on her snow hill keeping all safe….. there is joy in that. Your dogs are magnificent! Great Pyrenees is a special breed of dog for sure.♥️
    I will be taking Pascal out in the snow today, he also loves it. He is small but is a very fluffy/furry guy who loves the cool winter air.
    Be careful out there lifting all that snow!


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