He’s so fluffy!

Day 257 of 365

Today, I did not have to throw away eggs! We got just five, but I was so thankful to get to keep all of them.

Also, we discovered that Bairre has stepped up his game when it comes to being bratty. Lately, he has been taking the duck water bowls, dumping them, and then dragging them through the snow. We have had to fill up the duck bowls too many times of late. But, today, Bairre decided to dump the food dish and then drag it through the snow. He left duck food everywhere in the snow, which is terrible because you never want to leave any food out for rats. We struggle enough!

Of course, we could not pick up the food. It’s just under the snow. Hopefully, the Blue Jays will clean it up fairly quickly. They love to steal duck food.

Yesterday, when I was baking the bread, FOUR times, he pulled the towel off of the rising loaves! Of course, he’s just bored and trying to get attention. We try to play with him a lot and give him loads of attention, but I’m telling you, Bairre has high standards.

It’s okay though. We’ll keep trying. He’s like a giant, living teddy bear. He’s so fluffy! It’s like heaven to pet him. He’s so fluffy that, tonight, I noticed my son’s hand left an imprint in the fluff after he gave Bairre some pets. How can a puppy be that fluffy? Gus had very soft fur, but it wasn’t so fluffy. Boudica’s fur is pretty fluffy, but Baire is like Great Pyrenees–extra.

Anyway, I wish everyone could come pet Bairre’s fluffy head because it will surely make you happy.

2 thoughts on “He’s so fluffy!

  1. Great Post
    The author is grateful that they did not have to throw away any of the five eggs they received. However, their donkey, Bairre, has been misbehaving and has started dumping and dragging the duck water and food bowls through the snow. Today, he dumped the food dish, leaving duck food everywhere, which is a problem because it could attract rats. The author is unable to pick up the food as it is under the snow, but hopes that the Blue Jays will clean it up quickly as they love to steal duck food. The article ends abruptly as the author was about to mention something that happened while baking bread the previous day.
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