The Winding Down

Day 231 of 365

It’s pretty cold outside but not that cold for a Maine winter. Still, it’s enough that Rooster’s health is struggling in the weather. I started another round of medicine, but I am not super hopeful. He is an older rooster, and heartbreak is coming for me. Still, I’m going to try.

Mary Jane is also not coming out for treats this winter. She is tired. She is VERY old and has been on borrowed time for two years, and I am so aware that heartbreak is coming for me.

We have a handful of chickens who are pretty old. I wondered this summer if the summer heat would take them. But they hung in there. Now, I wonder if the winter cold will take them.

Both Rooster and Mary Jane are going to be devastating losses for me. I have a profound love and respect for both of them. They are both very high end in terms of chicken intelligence, and I have loved getting to know both of them.

Tonight, after I put Rooster up after medicine and treats in the house, I saw that Arwen was still outside. Bairre was also outside but on the other side of a fence, as he has not yet learned to not chase chickens. But Arwen was curious about him. She got really close, and Bairre got so excited. Arwen took off, of course, but I love how she’s curious about everything.

She’s the last baby of the summer, the youngest of the season. And, most likely, she’s the last baby that will ever come from Rooster. His line of high intelligence will be gone.

I am going to treasure Arwen every moment I can.

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