I am a fortunate human.

Day 230 of 365

It was a lovely day. I read somewhere recently that if you have a home and can put your child to bed every night with a full tummy, you have won the lottery. I feel like I have won the lottery and then some.

Today was a good day. There was a new chess set, a guitar, books, and I received some good tools for the kitchen. We then had soup made with chicken, potatoes, and onions from our farm and a fancy cheese from a local farm–along with homemade challah bread.

I am so grateful for my family, including our animals, and the wonderful food we had today. I hope your day was wonderful too. If you happen to be reading this tonight, happy holidays to you. I hope you are having a warm, cozy, and peaceful holiday week.

PS Betty says so too. She had a great day with boxes and ribbons and chess pieces.

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