Just a winter day on the farm…

Day 232 of 365

Today, we slept in a little, but everyone was fine. The ducks were still good. The chickens hadn’t starved. Everyone was safe and warm. And we slept nearly an hour late. We won’t make a habit of it, but it was so lovely. I have been tired.

Today, Rooster seemed better. He wasn’t standing in sick chicken position at all today. He was out and about. I heard him crow. I brought him in tonight for more medicine. I realized that I am also giving him homemade bread every time he comes in, so I am honestly not sure if the medicine helped him or if it was the homemade bread. Ron mills some of the wheat for that bread from very healthy organic wheat. And then he certainly puts love in that bread when he bakes it. He considers it an art form. I do as well.

I have seen that bread seemingly heal a dying duck, so I have to wonder at least a little about that bread. Maybe, just in case, I should keep bringing Rooster in at night, even after his medicine in finished, and he could just have a little homemade bread. Maybe that will give him strength.

Today, Mary Jane also came outside for treats. We were very, very fortunate in that last storm. He had some trees come down, but none on wires or fencing. We didn’t even lose power. And, to make things even more wonderful, the rain melted the snow, which means the chickens are happy running around in their pasture. The weather was fairly warm today at about 30 degrees, and Mary Jane came out for a little bit. I was so happy to see her.

Today, we got five eggs! On Christmas Eve, we got just one. And then two on Christmas. And then three yesterday. Those six are in this picture. Aren’t they beautiful? It was extra lovely to get five eggs today.

It seems like the light comes back so quickly here in Maine after the Solstice. Maybe the chickens think so too.

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