A Perfect Solstice

Day 226 of 365

I am very tired. It has been such a long day. But the Winter Solstice issue of the journal is up, and it’s beautiful, and I hope you love it. Also, our son had a composition he wrote for four cellos performed at a beautiful concert tonight. He wrote the piece in honor of the Winter Solstice. I have no words for that kind of joy. I was like something from a dream. Then, we took our son out to dinner to celebrate in a fancy restaurant that has little private pods you can reserve. The food was delicious.

When we got home, I lit the candles on a special Solstice cake I made for our family. I topped it with these handmade little snowman candle holders and all the berries. I love these little snowmen; they seem magical to me.

I told our son to make a wish on the candles, that surely, he had earned a wish this beautiful day.

Happy Winter Solstice, friends! I hope your day had a little magic too!

2 thoughts on “A Perfect Solstice

  1. All the berries, and is that candied ginger? What a beautiful cake, and a beautiful post. Happy Solstice and happy birthday to Vol. 3 Issue 2.


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