Day 223 of 365

I am grading papers and making cookies and have spent today working on the Solstice issue of the journal (oh, it’s going to be lovely), but it means no time to write tonight. But I wanted to update that my aunt is better, still in the hospital but doing better. I am grateful. Roster isn’t very much better. I’m stepping up the natural remedies, as he has just a few more days on antibiotics. Hopefully, the weather will be a little better tomorrow too. He’s very sensitive.

I also wanted to share that I chopped up cranberries by hand tonight for some cookies I was making, and I admired the cranberries so much. I have never chopped up cranberries. I always cook them whole. Aren’t they beautiful? They have four little pockets for seeds. I am sure there is a scientific name for whatever holds the seeds, but they look like little pockets to me.

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