In Sickness

Day 222 of 365

I am very worried tonight and will not write much. My aunt is very sick–the aunt who I wrote about this summer, who inspired my love of nature. I am very close to her and have always been. She has COVID and is not doing well and is being admitted to the hospital tonight, far away from Maine, back in my family’s home state of Oklahoma.

I am very worried.

I am also very worried about Rooster. He came out of the coop for just a little bit today because it snowed all day, but he did come out. I also saw him mate with a hen. I figured that was a good sign, but tonight, when I scooped him up for another nightly dose of medicine, he sounded worse than he did yesterday, noticeably worse.

I brought him inside and gave him medicine and his very most favorite–Annie’s organic mac and cheese. He loves that stuff, but he was still stubborn about his medicine. It took three times to get his medicine in him. He fought me a bit. I hope that’s a sign he’s not feeling too lowly.

He’s pretty old for a rooster, and Rooster has struggled mightily over the years from the respiratory illness of 2019. The hens never relapse, but Rooster does any time it’s too hot or too cold. I am worried I may not be able to make him better. I don’t want to lose that boy right now. I love him very much.

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