Day 224 of 365

I am working hard the next few days to get the Winter Solstice issue of the journal finished, so I cannot write much tonight. I have been working on a photo essay for a year, and I am excited to share it in the issue. Going through my pictures on my computer allowed me to reflect on the whole last year. It was powerful to see what all had happened in our lives. I am a chronicler, so I take pictures of everything. My son is the same way. He sees beauty everywhere too.

I also wanted to give a Rooster update. He is not worse, and the weather was better today. I am hoping he is going to be a little better in the morning. He’s crowing well, so that seems like a really good sign.

I also wanted to share this picture of Betty I found going through my photographs. This is Betty last year when she was just a baby. Oh, I love this beautiful kitty.

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