What I Know About Bairre So Far

Day 217 of 365

It takes some time to get to know someone, and since Bairre is still a puppy, he’s still his baby self. But I am enjoying getting to know him, seeing who he is and how he behaves in the world. In many ways, he’s so much like Gus that it’s surprising. He even holds his nose up for me to kiss it, just like Gus used to do. I very often forget and call him Gus.

Still, he’s definitely his own person. I have been working late tonight, but here is a short list of interesting things I have observed about Bairre so far. After all, it seems about time for a puppy update.

  1. He loves Boudica, but not so devotedly as Gus did. This could change over time, but he will argue with Boudica and be sassy with her. He also doesn’t look at her the way Gus did. Gus looked at Boudica like she was the most wonderful thing in the history of the world. However, I did notice how he acted when Boudica came home from the vet last week. He was very, very happy to see her, and for a little bit, his adoration for her reminded me of Gus.
  2. He’s mostly a daddy’s boy. He loves me a lot, but there’s something about daddy, it seems. Interestingly, when we first got him and I saw Bairre and Ron together, I thought they were meant to be. So far, they are.
  3. He has a hurt leg right now. He has a vet appointment next Monday. We don’t know if he is injured from wrestling with Boudica or if it is something else. But when he’s hurting, he becomes a mama’s boy. The last two nights, he has sat with me on the couch and acted like a baby. This is very unusual. He usually wants to be a big boy.
  4. He loves to get attention, even from strangers. In fact, he seems confused if a stranger doesn’t stop to admire him. This is unusual in my Pyrenees experience so far. I wonder if he will grow out of this. We’ll see.
  5. He’s way too smart, as you expect from a Pyrenees, of course. But the cutest thing is that he’s too smart for Boudica’s tricks. Boudica used to trick Gus. She could trick him out of treats, out of being the center of attention, and more. I see her try the same things with Bairre. He fell for a few things early on, but he’s already not having that anymore. He’s smart and sassy.
  6. He’s a foodie. Most Pyrs, I have read, are not very food driven. This seemed to be true for Gus and Boudica. Because Pyrs are not food driven, it can make it difficult to “train” them, though I kind of hate that word. Still, Bairre is a foodie and will “come” and “sit” for a bite of cheese. He also LOVES it when I come home from Tiller & Rye with a moose cookie for dogs. He thinks he’s so fancy when I bring home one of those.
  7. I am not sure, but I think he punishes us when he doesn’t get his way. No, I’m pretty sure this is correct. I think I’ve seen it happen too many times know. You kind of hope for the best and hope it’s a coincidence, but I’m pretty sure he’s a stinker on many matters. He’s so cute though.
  8. He is very big hearted and charming. I can see why we were so taken by him when we met his litter. I have never seen such a little charmer. He can be so very sweet.
  9. He has turned our hallway into his toy room. He drags everything he owns and then some things we own–plus all the things the cats own–into the hallway every day. I pick everything up. He drags everything back out. Right now, in his hallway/room, there is his stuffed gnome, his unicorn, his puppy dog, one of my LL Bean boots, Boudica’s unicorn, Ron’s socks, and a flip flop. None of this was here earlier today. I don’t even know when he’s doing it.
  10. He loves to play in water. The water dishes are not sacred, and he splashes water everywhere. We have had to start putting a glass of water on the table for the kitties because they don’t want to drink out of the water dishes after Bairre has had a pool party in them. Poor kitties. Thankfully, he’s pretty good with the kitties overall, and I think they like to play with him.
  11. He snort/grunts like a little piglet when he is happy to see you or wants a treat or is curious about something. This is the most endearing thing I have ever seen in my life. I must try to get it on video.

These are the things I can think of right now. I hope to write more about him as he grows older. He’s still learning the ropes in terms of the chickens and ducks, but he did mostly learn that’s he’s not supposed to chase the ducks. He’s definitely smart.

4 thoughts on “What I Know About Bairre So Far

  1. I love getting to know baby Bairre! It’s amazing how dogs very quickly become beloved family members with unique personalities.
    Thank you for sharing Bairre with us. 😍


    1. Oh, thank you for reading! I have to tell you a quick story. Tonight, Ron and our son were sitting on the couch playing video games, and Bairre wanted to sit on the couch with them. So I helped him up there. I then went looking for another place to sit, but Boudica was in one chair and Bella in the other. So I just kind of wandered around a bit until I saw Bairre get up. I went over to sit down, and he ran up to me really fast and started trying to get his spot back. It was the cutest thing ever! So, of course, I had to let him have his spot back. I am now upstairs working in the bedroom rocking chair. 🙂


      1. Hahaha…… what happened to doggy beds in your house? I know Bairre is a baby and wants to be with his people… the ones on the comfy couch. 😆
        That is very observant of him to be watching his spot…. he’s a smarty…… and you’re a pushover for your furry family. 💞


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