Worry Work

Day 216 of 365

Today was a big cello mom day. My son had two rehearsals and a concert, and we were away from home until well after dark. The concert was wonderful, and I am so proud of my kiddo. It was a lovely day, but I also had a lot of chicken mom worry today–mainly about Ruby and Arwen.

Each night before it’s chicken bed time, Ron or I go outside and let our spoiled crew that includes Ruby, Arwen, and Juliet back into the coop because they are running around the front yard, not the chicken pasture. I worry when we are not home to keep the routine, but I worried extra today because it finally turned cold here in Maine–and it’s pretty cold.

I had a plan that I would use treats and get the spoiled crew into the chicken yard with treats before we left home, but it was still way before dusk. I knew they might just fly back over the fence and then expect the routine. But when I gave them the treats, I told them to “please stay put tonight”

A little later, when we were leaving, I saw that Kate had flown back over and was hanging out in the driveway. I was like, “Kate,” but you have to say “Kate” with a really disappointed tone. That’s Kate on the left in the picture next to Ruby on the right. Here, they are outside of the coop, doing whatever they want.

But, it was just Kate. Everyone else was staying put! On our way home from the concert tonight, I worried about Ruby and Arwen almost the whole way. When we got home, I immediately started looking for chickens. It was dark, and everyone was sleeping, but I went to the coop and could see Ruby in the limited light. I was so relieved to see her, but I didn’t see Arwen. I started calling for her, and after I said her name the third time, I heard a chicken talk back to me. I went to the source, it was Arwen.

I’m going to try to write more about Arwen soon.

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